Information boards opening ceremony 19 June 2014
Dollis Hill House Trust has designed and paid for two information boards for the footprint of the house. Everyone is welcome to the opening ceremony at 10.45am (more…)
Dollis Hill House signage and education packs
The Dollis Hill House Trust is designing signboards about the history of the house and park. They will be placed around the footprint of the house. The trust is (more…)
Dollis Hill House landscaping completed
After completion of the demolition and landscaping work, Brent Council opened the Dollis Hill House footprint as an open air performance space on 30 June 2013. (more…)
Dollis Hill House Demolished
The demolition of Dollis Hill House has now been completed. Brent Council’s plans for retaining the footprint of the house and landscaping the area are shown on (more…)
Dollis Hill House demolition commenced November 2011
At this very sad time for the community, Brent Council has begun its demolition work on Dollis Hill House by removing the scaffolding around it that holds the w (more…)
Demolition planning conditions approved
On 17 August 2011, Brent Council planners approved Brent Council's landscaping proposals to meet the conditions set by the Secretary of State when he granted co (more…)
Secretary of State gives consent for demolition
On 7 April 2011, in spite of all of the objections by the Dollis Hill House Trust and others, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government grante (more…)
Fire at Dollis Hill House 20 February 2011
Three fire engines were needed to put out a fire that started on Sunday evening 20 February 2011. Fire fighters found areas burning in the basement, and on the (more…)
Brent planning committee vote to demolish Dollis Hill House
DHHT spoke at the 20 July 2010 planning committee meeting objecting to the proposals for demolition, but councillors voted to take the next step of applying to (more…)
Council demolition proposals 20 July 2010
Come to the planning committee 7pm Tuesday 20 July to object to the council's proposals to demolish Dollis Hill House. Also come to see councillors from the com (more…)
Gladstone Park Fun Day 2010
Sunday 20th June 1.30 - 6.00pm  
Free entry, near Parkside, a short walk from Dollis Hill underground station  
Fun activities including:  
Woofstock Dog Show (more…)
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Dollis Hill House Trust will be held on Monday 14 June at 8pm at The Stables Art Centre and Gallery. It is open to members of (more…)
Mark Twain centenary play 24 April 2010
Saturday April 24th April 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm at Dollis Hill House. A 30 minute play about Mark Twain to celebrate the centenary of his death. Come to watch the pl (more…)
Application for demolition deferred
After successful lobbying from the Dollis Hill House Trust, Brent Council has deferred its application for demolition of the house from the 3 February planning (more…)
English Heritage says requirements for demolition are not met
In its letter of 13 November 2009 to Brent Council, English Heritage states that the statutory requirements for demolition of Dollis Hill House have NOT been me (more…)
Mayor of London offers help
DHHT followed up the Mayor of London’s offer of help to find private funding to save the house. He made this on BBC news on 8 July, which you can see on the DHH (more…)
DHHT sends letter of objection to demolition proposals
This is what DHHT wrote in its initial response to Brent Council's consultation on proposals to demolish Dollis Hill House.
The Dollis Hill House Trust (DHHT) (more…)
Dollis Hill House on BBC TV news Wednesday 8 July 2009
BBC London television news on 8 July features Brent Council's notice of proposed demolition for the house and the Dollis Hill House Trust's continuing fight to (more…)
Ideas to grow after demolition vote
On 15 December 2008, the Council Executive voted to start the process for demolition of Dollis Hill House. This was a devastating decision. It followed the new (more…)
DHHT statement against demolition at Brent Council Executive 15 December 2008
Key points Dollis Hill House Trust put to Councillors at the Brent Council Executive Meeting Monday 15 December 2008

Premature to vote for demolition
Dollis (more…)
The Annual General Meeting of the Dollis Hill House Trust will be held on Thursday 2nd October at 7pm at The Stables.  It is open to members of DHHT.  You can b (more…)
HLF funding saves Dollis Hill House
Heritage Lottery Fund announced on 17 June 2008 that it had granted stage 1 funding towards a grant of £1.2 million to help restore Dollis Hill House. Thi (more…)
Brent Council Executive 11 February 2008
The council executive voted to support the Training For Life proposals until February 2009, the date by which TFL hopes to have capital funding and planning per (more…)
Appeal for Funding - Feasibility Study
Funding is urgently needed to help undertake the necessary feasibility study for the current proposals. Any offers of aid extremely welcome!
DHHT Meetings
The Dollis Hill House Trust is continuing to meet on a regular basis to carry forward proposals for the renovation of Dollis Hill House.
Update on TFL Bid
Training for Life successfully delivered its bid to Brent Council on 12 Dec 2007. Two separate architectural schemes were prepared: one contemporary plan presen (more…)
Public Meeting
Thursday 8 November 2007
Plans for the renovation of Dollis Hill House were presented by the Dollis Hill House Trust and social enterprise Training For Life. T (more…)
Dollis Hill House featured on BBC TV
The campaign to restore Dollis Hill House was featured on BBC1\'s Inside Out on 24 Oct 2007. It can be viewed online at
Chance to save DHH
On 11 September 2007, Brent Council reported on its marketing campaign for the house. It voted to give Training For Life (TFL) three months to draw up a busines (more…)
Mayor Pledges Financial Support
The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has written to Brent Council Leader, Paul Lorber pledging his continuing support for the renovation of Dollis Hill House f (more…)
Outcome of 9 Oct executive meeting
At a Brent Council Executive meeting on 9th October, the new administration debated the future of Dollis Hill House.

The meeting took place in the knowledge (more…)